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Experience the ultimate blend of relaxation and joy with our adorable furry friends.

Puppy Yoga with American Bully's

Halifax Puppy Yoga 

How it works

Our classes will be divided in two sections: 40 minutes of yoga with puppies followed by 20 minutes of chill time with puppies. 


Our classes will be guided by a professional yoga instructor who will guide you throughout with gentle poses. 

The location will be announced when we release the classes as we will have different locations for different events. 

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Puppy yoga isn't just about stretching and relaxation – it offers benefits for both participants and our furry friends! 


It's an opportunity to de-stress, improve flexibility, and boost mood through gentle yoga poses, all while enjoying the therapeutic presence of playful puppies. For puppies, it's a chance to socialize, receive affection, and potentially find their forever homes. Who knows?!

"Together, we create an environment of wellness, joy, and connection for both humans and puppies alike."

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